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Examples of hotels in Belgium:

Antwerp: Arass Business Flats
Plantin & Moretuslei 111, 2018 Antwerpen Arass Flats is just a ten minute walk from the station. All rooms have a small kitchenette, which has a hob and microwave. Close to parksand sights.

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Antwerp: Best Western Hotel Docklands
Kempisch Dok - Westkaai 84-90, 2000 Antwerpen This hotel is good value for money. It is rated very highly by guests. Located in the north of the city, just 2 km from thecentre, near public transport and the Antwerp ZOO.

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Antwerp: Condo Gardens Antwerpen
De Pretstraat 11, 2060 Antwerpen The Condo hotel is housed in a renovated warehouse, offering comfortable rooms near the centre of Antwerp. The rooms have extensive facilities anda homely atmosphere.

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